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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between SOM and OOM Software?

 A: School Operations Manager (SOM) is for the management of School Operations while Office Operations Manager (OOM) is for the management of other cooperate businesses.

Q: Can this software be implemented without internet?

 A: SOM and OOM can run both in online and offline mode which means with or without internet they can be implemented.

Q: Is the software a standalone?

 A: SOM and OOM are server based application which can run on a standalone system, Local Area Network or over the internet

Q: How many users can use the software at the same time? 

 A: There is no limit to the number of users for SOM and OOM

Q: Does SOM have the capacity to compute student results?

 A: SOM can compute and generate student’s termly academic result and yearly student’s cumulative academic result.

Q: Does your SMS platform send messages to DND numbers?

 A: Our SMS platform sends messages to DND numbers across different networks.

Q: How do we get support as we subscribe to any of the softwares?

 A: Our clients get our support via online or physical presence as the case may be.

Q: Can prospective clients get the software in a one-off purchase?

 A: Clients can get our software as a one off purchase with an option of yearly retainership for updates and support.

Q: Does the parents have access to the SOM software?

 A: Parents can login to monitor their children’s academic and non-academic performances provided it is made available online.

Q: Can any Client ask for amendments to suit its specific areas of needs?

 A: We always enhance our products based on clients’ needs provided it is feasible.

Q: Must I purchase the whole application when I only need some specific modules?

 A: You can subscribe to any module of your choice and can also upgrade anytime you want with ease.

Q: How can I continue using my software if my system crashes?

 A: The Software will be reinstalled in your system with the last available backup you made.

Q: I have gone through the product details and I am interested; how do I get it?     

 A: Contact Us!