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School Operations Manager (SOM)

OOM is an Office Management system. It is can be used by any office,organisation,warehouse,stores to have a better business management and co-ordination. OOM makes it easier  to keep accurate records of staff ,Facilities, events and so many other office trasactions. It also provides an efficient and timely retrieval of this informations through enquiries and reports. It is user friendly and can effectively manage so many key areas such as Users, Office, Events, News, Inventory, Sales, Finance, Transport, Hotel, Files, Biometrics, Attendance, Visitors, Human Resource, Payroll, SMS, Email, Reports, etc.


Below are some of the key features of our OOM system:

# User Management

This Module manages user creation, roles, privileges, users online, user discipline, activity log, etc.

# Office Management

This module handles Office information, Locations and Departments.

# Event and News Management

This module manages Events, Notable Days, and News.

#Inventory Management

This module handles every aspect of Inventory management such as Inventory Stock entry, Stock Purchase Order, Stock Taking and Issuance, Stock Adjustment, etc.

# Sales Management

This module is concerned with the management of information regarding Sales and Debt Collection etc.

# Hotel Management

This Module manages Reservations; Check in and Out, Duty Roaster, House Keeping, etc.

# Laundry Management

This Module handles all aspects like Laundry Item Pricing, collection, Delivery and Club Management.

# Financial Management

This module allows Users to easily manage areas like Income and Expenses, Imprest, etc.

# Financial Accounting

This module manages Journals, Ledger Accounts, Trial Balance, Financial Statements.

# Transport

This module is used to manage areas like Vehicle Information, Allocations, Routes, Boarding Points, Running Cost, and Log etc.


# File Management

This module can manage any type of file like documents, video and audio files. It also makes file sharing and information contribution very easy.

# Biometrics

This module allows the capture of biometric data and the usage within the system. For example, it is used in Attendance System and Visitor Tracking.

# Attendance System

Staffs have different options of recording their attendance including clocking using Biometrics device in real time.

# Visitor Tracker

This module is used to track visitors by checking-In and out with an automated alert system and Biometric data.

# HR Management

The human Resource Management Module handles the administrative jobs, Employee Information, Leave Management, Recruitment, Staff Evaluation, Discipline, Staff Confirmation, etc.

# Payroll Management

This Module manages Allowances, Tax Reliefs, Pay Reviews, Salary Payment, Benefits Payment and Deductions, etc.

# SMS and Email System

SMS and Email services are fully integrated into the application for easy communications and transactions.

# Reports

Every transaction within the application has a comprehensive report that could be generated for quick and easy decision making